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430 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzers
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These three-phase power quality meters help you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in power distribution systems. These easy-to-use power quality tools are a “must have” for any person who maintains or troubleshoots three phase power. The new IEC Class A standards for flicker and power quality are built right in to take the guess work out of power monitoring.

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Troubleshoot real-time:
Analyze the trends using the cursors and zoom tools—even while background recording continues

Highest safety rating in the industry:
600 V Cat IV/1000 V CAT III rated for use at the service entrance

Automatic transient mode:
Captures 200 kHz waveform data on all phases simultaneously: Up to 6 kV

Fully Class A compliant:
Conduct tests according to the stringent international IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard

Measure all three phases and neutral:
With included four current probes

Every measurement you see is always automatically recorded, without any setup

Up to seven power quality parameters on one screen according to EN50160 power quality standard

Inrush mode:
For troubleshooting nuisance circuit breaker tripping View graphs and generate reports: With included analysis software

Logger function:
Configure for any test condition with memory for over 400 parameters at user defined intervals

Mains signaling:
Measure interference from ripple control signals at specific frequencies

Battery Life:
Seven hours operating time per charge on NiMH battery pack

Rugged, handheld troubleshooter with Fluke three-year warranty
Frontline troubleshooting
quickly diagnose problems on-screen to get your operation back online

Predictive maintenance
detect and prevent power quality issues before they cause downtime

Quality of service compliance
validate incoming power quality at the service entrance

Long-term analysis
uncover hard-to-find or intermittent issues

Load studies
verify electrical system capacity before adding loads

Energy assessments
quantify energy consumption before and after improvements to justify energy saving devices

Measure all power parameters, find events and anomalies in seconds